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Friday, March 26, 2010

Not so nimble fingers

When you hear about someone shutting their hand in the car door and the door was completely latched quietly think to yourself, "Ya, right! That's not logically possible."


A couple weeks ago, I did just that.  I shut my hand in the sliding door of our van, and heard the door lock as it latched.  OUCH!  My bag with my keys in it was on the ground just out of reach.  Luckily, my husband had a set of keys with him and was able to unlock the door without much delay.  Grunting and groaning, I held my hand above my head waiting for the initial wave of pain to subside so I could determine the extent of my injury.  Inspite of the swelling and deep pinch marks, I was able to move my fingers and didn't think that I needed any medical attention.

All in all, it's been almost 3 weeks and healing is still in progress.  The tenderness has subsided...just enough to get back to my all-important... BEADING!   

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  1. Oh you poor thing! That must have hurt ALOT! Glad you're recovering and can get back to beading.


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