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Friday, April 2, 2010

Ahhh! Yes, it is spring!

As a child, I remember when the spring rains came.  I loved the smell of freshness in the air as the rains approached from across the fields.  I pretended I was floating away on the clouds as the cool, invigorating breezes billowed the window sheers around me.  Ahhh!  It is spring!

Advance thirty-some years later...

Ahhh!  Yes, it is spring!  The smell of freshness is in the air.  The billowing clouds bring some rain, some snow.  The birds urgently sing of spring cheer and the creek is beginning to flow again.  The spring garden flowers are showing their happy faces.

I just had to 'plant' some spring for my widow, and this is what my stiff, swollen fingers would allow.  And now for the rain. 

Oh, how I wish it would rain down...rain down beads!


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