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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Portable Heaven

Since I have been giving my hand a little break from beading, I decided to show you my little portable heaven.  This is an ordinary breakfast tray that I've converted into my beading tray. 

At the time, my hubby and I were almost empty nesters.  We enjoyed watching NHRA drag racing on the weekends and planned to someday attend an event.  We'd check the time slots on the guide and then schedule our weekends accordingly.  Drag racing time slots can take two to three hours to watch.  I was in heaven knowing that I could sit and bead uninterrupted at the kitchen table for hours on end while watching and/or listening to the drag racing qualifications on Saturday.  However, the finals are on Sunday's and I didn't want to miss any of the action.  I wanted to see every race, every detail, every red light.  If I couldn't be there in person I wanted to be as close to the 'real' thing as possible.  So, I'd drag out my wobbly ironing board and set it at the proper height for my chair.  Then would come the beading mat, beads, threads, needles, scissors, etc.  It was alot of work, but to me it was all part of the thrill!

Then one day, one of my beading buddies was telling me that she used a breakfast tray as her beading tray.  What a fabulous idea!  So, I went and got one.  I got a clip-on lamp, too, since I knew I'd need the extra light no matter where I beaded.  However, the plastic jaws of the lamp were no match for the side of my beading tray.  They cracked and I complained.  Then they broke and I complained louder.

My awesome hubby, being the master of all things mechanical, immediately came to the rescue.  He took the light and the tray to the garage where he transformed the clip-on lamp into a stationary lamp.  He routed the cord thru the tray so it is never in the way.  Very handy.

I marked inch measurements along the front wood edge and cut some bead matting to cover the melamine tray.  I cut additional pieces of mat so I could work on multiple projects at the same time.  I just loved how convenient it was.  I would just grab it, fold down the legs, turn on the light, and bead on the sofa for hours while watching drag racing.  Then fold it up and put it away when needed.  I even threatened to attach an 'over the shoulder' strap to it for traveling.  That idea was immediately squelched by my hubby.  If we were going to travel we were going to enjoy every minute of it together.  I agreed. 

I loved my portable heaven then and I really love it now.

Life turned a corner and now we are blessed with two little boys.  I try to be creative everyday in some way.  When I bead during naptimes, I bead on my beading tray.  Everything is convenient, right where I left it, and all in one place.  When I hear little feet coming down the hallway, I can quickly pick up my portable heaven and put it out of reach knowing my projects will be waiting undisturbed.

Then I turn and welcome warm little boys into my lap and snuggle with them while they wake up.  Life is good.


  1. I like your wooden tray better than my metal one. There are no special measurements or attachments such as you have - an attached light would be fantastic for my aging eyes! Yet, I still use it to carry small objects that I'm working with/on to more companionable and comfortable surroundings. I can't leave mine out either - must keep it above puppy height!

    Hope your hand is much better now.


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