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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleek Black Necklace

I sat down with the intention of making a simple black necklace that I could wear with almost anything.  However, what went on in my head and what was stitched ended up being two very different things. 

This is my version of Pearl Embrace Collar by Lisa Kan. (Beadwork Dec 2009).  I stitched it using 4mm silver pearls embellished with black & gunmetal 15's.

I love its natural curve and the way it retains its shape.  It lays nicely on the neck and is weighty enough to stay put, yet not so heavy to create constant awareness.  I have worn it many times and have always received compliments.

I can see a chunky bronze version on the horizon. 


  1. Oh yeah chunky bronze would be so pretty! I made a simpler version in a bracelet using brown and pink! I haven't posted it yet although I don't know why?


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