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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yes, I'm still as busy as a bee!  It seems the 'fine art' part of me has overtaken my beading passion.  Not necessarily by choice, but I'm not complaining either.  You see, unbeknownst to me, my oldest brother posted a link to my papercutting blog on his facebook page one evening.  When I woke up the next morning, my inbox was flooded with orders and the messages were coming in faster than I could answer them.  Some want their orders filled by Christmas, while others are willing to wait.  I enjoy cutting and find it to be very relaxing.  Like jewelry making, there is always a wonderful sense of instant gratification no matter where I am in my piece.  I simply pick up a piece of paper and begin to cut.  The cutting evolves as my thought process is interpreted into positive and negative spaces.  I love it.  It is soothing to my soul.  For now I am happy and content snipping my clean floor into a scattered mess of snippets! 

You can find some of my works here:
Is there something I can snip for you?


  1. Oh those are some fabulous works! I tried my hand at this but I am just not steady enough to get a clean cut! I just loved the work you put into these! I have to say my favorite was home away from home with story and all!


  2. I was recently honored to give permission to the lady that owns the house to use the papercutting as her Christmas card this year. It is rewarding to witness the cycle of small kindnesses in action. What a gift!

  3. There is no better blessing these days then being busy with work! It's nice to hear about your box being full of orders. It's been so much hearing the other (no sales, no money) from so many that it's refreshing to hear someone excited about work and getting work. Warms the spirit :) thanks for sharing the fantastic news.

  4. p.s. to my last post...I was just looking at your pieces again. They really are amazing. Some of them look like they are laser cut pieces. Really amazing you do this by hand!

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. All my papercuttings are hand cut by me with precision scissors.


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