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Thursday, July 29, 2010

When negative is not so negative.

I think am currently enamored with black and white.  The positive and negative of things.  What is and what isn't.  What you see and what you don't see.  

Another favorite, relaxing hobby of mine is paper cutting.  It involves considerable thought in regards to positive and negative spaces.  This piece, which I recently completed as a 'test drive' for my new pair of scissors, is a perfect example of how one can see the positive simply by removing the negative.  But removing the negative is not a negative thing as it compliments and becomes part of the positive.  Okay! okay!  I'll spare you the mental turmoil.  This piece will be framed and grace our walls for many July's to come.  (yes, there are 50 stars!) 

So, without going into much detail (whew!  sigh of relief!) I wanted to show the black and white pendant I made.

I love this piece!  It is mother of pearl adorned with black AB 4mm and 6mm faceted stones.  I love how the thread becomes an important design element upsetting the beaders philosophy to keep the thread matching and hidden.  As you might imagine, my mind went into major overload with all the endless possibilities this piece affords.  However, I did manage to restrain myself and keep it simple, yet elegant.  I made the piece reversible simply by turning the AB finish to the front.  When a more casual appearance is needed, I simply reverse it and wear it with a smile.  I get compliments every time!  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleek Black Necklace

I sat down with the intention of making a simple black necklace that I could wear with almost anything.  However, what went on in my head and what was stitched ended up being two very different things. 

This is my version of Pearl Embrace Collar by Lisa Kan. (Beadwork Dec 2009).  I stitched it using 4mm silver pearls embellished with black & gunmetal 15's.

I love its natural curve and the way it retains its shape.  It lays nicely on the neck and is weighty enough to stay put, yet not so heavy to create constant awareness.  I have worn it many times and have always received compliments.

I can see a chunky bronze version on the horizon. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hmm...sea glass

What to do with these?

These transparent pieces of sea glass were one of those brainstorm mixed media projects that my mother-in-law and I created last year when she was visiting for the summer.  Speck by speck, we added tiny shreds of hand-painted tissue paper to the glass.  The long slender pink one has long strands of silver filament running through it.  The tiny aqua-colored one is wrapped with foil tape.  The blue one on the bottom sports a blue swarovski crystal.

Did you notice the one in the top right.  We named it Africa!

Sometimes when I look at them I think some need beaded bezels, and some need wire work bezels.

What do you think?

Netted Donut Pendant

This is my rendition of the Netted Donut Pendant by Colleen McGraw (B&B April 2007).  It has been a long time in the making.  I started it before the boys were born and had the netting on the donut and the fringing completed.  I finally added the spiral rope necklace with toggle clasp last month.

The donut is cherry quartz and is adorned with a netting of iris purple accented with gunmetal.  The fringe is comprised of iris purples, light and dark gray matte delicas, and gunmetal.

It's going to be a fun piece to wear!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Earlier Heaven

Winter was reluctant to pry its cold fingers from the Rockies this year.  Spring ushered in day after relentless day of gloom, rain, and chilly winds.  Indoor activities for the little ones became routine and displeasing.  The calendar was stale and uneventful.  Dinner out each week seemed to be forced and unfulfilling.  We longed for warm weather, gentle breezes, sunny days, and outdoor play.   

...and then it happened...

The calendar exploded with events leaving no time to dwell on the dreary weather.  Over the past three months we have celebrated 6 birthdays, a graduation, our anniversary, four holidays, and hosted the in-laws.  Our oldest graduated from the University here in town (need I mention how proud we are!) and our youngest just turned 2!  Our home has been crazy with activity, but in the midst of it all there was still time for beading.  It's commonly referred to as nap time and it still occurs here least for now.

My mother-in-law is a very talented watercolor artist, and I just love the inspirational brainstorms that happen when we are together.  We felt as if we climbed high mountains during our 'Retrieve-Sit-Create' sessions as we are just daring enough in each others company to dabble in all sorts of mixed media.  It's always a sad day when the in-laws visit comes to an end.

I just feel so blessed!  I feel that I am experiencing an early heaven.  My wonderful hubby and the bond we share; our smart and responsible older kids~ who are productive members of society, and our little boys~ who just bring an extra ray of sunshine to everyday life.  Best of all...we are happy!

A happy family is but an earlier heaven ~John Bowring