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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dripping in Crystals!

I was recently given the privilege to re-purpose some crystal necklaces.  They came in a vintage necklace box with pieces and parts neatly tucked in the lining.  I was curious that such pieces should be so heavy, and my curiosity deepened as I discovered the necklaces were strung on five strands of cotton thread.  Yes, thread!  Conversation eluded to the fact that the crystals were indeed lead crystal and had belonged to my clients great-grandmother who was born in the 1850's.  It is then no wonder that they were strung on threads.

The crystals that comprise this necklace (above) are all original to the piece.  It was originally a two-strand necklace.  However, the box clasp was 'broken' in that the clasp had been pushed too far into the box to allow repair.  So, I incorporated it as the focal piece of the necklace and added a new silver toggle clasp for closure.  It is a 19" necklace and the dangles add a couple inches to the bottom.  Very sweet and feminine.

This necklace (above) is made of the remaining crystal beads that are original to the first necklace shown above.  Since my client expressed interest in having nesting necklaces to allow for wardrobe options, I shortened this necklace to 17 inches to accommodate her wishes.  The crystals omitted from this necklace were used to make the dangles shown in the first necklace.  They look very smart, rich and full of sparkle when worn together.  Oh my!  Did she ever get compliments when she wore both necklaces for Christmas with her green velvet dress.  Stunning!

Also inside the vintage necklace box was another small box full of loose vintage lead crystal beads.  In our conversations, my client mentioned wanting a three-strand necklace and thought maybe there would be enough beads in the box to create one.   She was right.  There was enough beads to do just that and more.

  So, with the necklaces completed in time for her Christmas performances, recitals, and parties, I got busy and re-purposed some of the loose beads into earrings and included some of the findings that were neatly tucked inside the necklace box.
All this, and there are more crystals!  There is yet another tray of rondelle-shaped crystals with cones on each end.  Beautiful!  Can't wait to see them all cleaned, polished and restrung into another beautiful necklace.

Thank you, my treasured friend, for the opportunity to breathe new life into your precious heirloom jewelry.  May you wear them in good health!